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TRION PRIMALIST highlights the new requirements RIFT

“She was among the Outcasts. A sun-priest performed purification rites on her, and so we are in no danger from the curse. But it may have some lingering effects on her mind.” Rift players will soon feel the call of the wild, when the first new phone in the game since its introduction, in primalist,


Reto – Motorola has updated the WWII shooter heroes and generals have named Xylander patch. It adds a new player to the Soviet Union instruments of death, as well as the skin of new weapons, camouflage, XP bonus, new credit profit model, called the war a director. Fight director is an algorithm to identify “appropriate”


For those of you not familiar with FFXIV’s endgame, it consists largely of this: Hit max level Do all the dungeons and trials to unlock roulette LFG and hardmodes Farm roulettes for marks to raise item lvl Farm more roulettes for higher item lvl Farm raids for even higher item lvl Do story quests and


I know there are players who would fiercely disagree with above sentiment; lovers of MMO lore for one thing and all those of you who feel that the player should not be the hero of the world. I’ve disagreed with that before – and I still do. As great as the story of Arthas was

Fallout 4’s Lead Actors Recorded 13,000+ Lines in 2 Years

Over the course of Bethesda‘s existence, the studio has become synonymous with massive quality-filled releases, and Fallout 4 will be no exception. Whether it’s the title’s ability to allow players to craft customizable settlements, weapons, and armor, or the fact that it’s set in a nuked-out Boston, gaming fans’ enormous expectations for the most recent

Top Ten Superheroes That Should Be In Marvel Heroes 2015

One of the joys of playing the Marvel Heroes 2015 online rpg is being able to smash hordes of bad guys as your favorite hero. The roster for the game features a lot of the iconic heroes of the Marvel universe, such as Captain America, Iron Man, and Wolverine. Still, there are literally thousands of

Why MMO Ad Campaigns Are Important

There’s an old saying that goes it’s not what you know, but who you know that’s important. There is a grain of truth in that old axiom as while a person can be extremely knowledgeable, actually knowing others that are willing to help you out is usually far more beneficial to you getting a foot

Lets Talk Lists #WoW

I read a post over at Tales of the Aggronaut that made me think about creating my own WoW Bucket List of sorts, things I want to accomplish in game (slowly, over time, these are not all easy tasks). Of course I created one and it includes the following things: Level a team of pets

Blade & Soul coming to Europe and US this winter

  Blade & Soul will finally be coming to western gamers at the end of the year. In case you have no idea what Blade & Soul is, the game is set in an Asian mythological world and was launched in Asia back in 2012. The game has proved popular in the far east with