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Reto – Motorola has updated the WWII shooter heroes and generals have named Xylander patch. It adds a new player to the Soviet Union instruments of death, as well as the skin of new weapons, camouflage, XP bonus, new credit profit model, called the war a director. Fight director is an algorithm to identify “appropriate”

DESTINY carrying crucible preview events next week

Next week the fate of the 2.0 update is the title on September 8 our way, and Bungie is busy with players ready major changes to the game with the second year. Which player should (and should) be a handy list now was doing and what kind of patch new weekly update from the studio


This fine July a few TGENerates got together to talk about expansions of the year, mobile games and companion pets in MMOs. The third TGEN Tribunal roundtable was hosted by Braxwolf and if you enjoy merry and casual banter by MMO players for MMO players, you should check out his site for the latest episode.


It’s been way too long since my last soundtracks roundup! For this fifth episode, I’m doing something a little different, namely introducing my 10 favorite tunes to play in LOTRO, on the harp or lute. And yes, if you follow twitter you may already have seen this – so this is for all my non-avian

Batman: Arkham Knight PC Getting Interim Patch in August; Won’t Fix All Problems

To say that PC players of Batman: Arkham Knight have had a rough experience would be putting it mildly. While some have gotten through Rocksteady Studios’ final chapter with little issue, plenty of PC players haven’t been so lucky. In fact, many have been unable to play the game at all. Although we may never

Top Ten Superheroes That Should Be In Marvel Heroes 2015

One of the joys of playing the Marvel Heroes 2015 online rpg is being able to smash hordes of bad guys as your favorite hero. The roster for the game features a lot of the iconic heroes of the Marvel universe, such as Captain America, Iron Man, and Wolverine. Still, there are literally thousands of

Samurai Warriors 4-II marching to Steam in October

  Koei Tecmo’s sequel to Samurai Warriors 4, naturally named Samurai Warriors 4-II, will be strapping on its armour and heading to Steam later this year. Apparently, this one focuses more on the samurai themselves. While previously games in the series looked at various regions of feudal Japan, this title will follow 13 characters (nine

OSRS Multiple Clues Midsummer Runescape

  News In this week’s Old School update we’ve got a change to clue scrolls that allows you to have one of each tier as well as the midsummer event! Multiple clue scrolls Previously, you were unable to receive clue scroll drops if you already had one in your inventory or bank and it was

Runescape update: Abduction Teleports from Solomon’s General Store

  There is good news that Abduction Teleports will be released this week to cheer up all players whoever have paid Runescape accounts or not. This exceptional release is thank to players who dedicate themselves to the development of Runescape. The four imagination animations stem from the minds of creative players who posted on the

‘World of Warcraft’ looks to its past for its next expansion

  To help kick off the annual “Blizzard is awesome-fest” known as BlizzCon, Blizzard’s Chris Metzen announced the fifth World of Warcraft expansion pack, Warlords of Draenor. For many fans the content will be completely new, but those that played the original Warcraft trilogy – the precursor to World of Warcraft – will likely recognize